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Atkinson’s Martial Arts Site Launch


 We are proud to announce the launch of the new Atkinson’s Martial Arts website. This Joomla template was built by Joomla51. There are slight modifications to the original template to meet the requests of Atkinson's Martial Arts. We added in two extension plugins for the contact form and Google map features on the contact page.

Following is a brief description of the services that Atkinson’s Martial Arts offers.

Atkinson’s Martial Arts offers a variety of programs that will fit your family’s needs. For children, karate helps develop coordination, confidence, discipline, concentration and self esteem. Karate gives kids a sense of achievement and pride as they make their way through the different belts and levels. And best of all, karate is fun and keeps your kids active.

For adults karate helps relieve stress, tone muscles, boost confidence and optimizes physical fitness and coordination while sharpening mental focus. This program teaches from basic skills to advanced black belt degrees.

Atkinson’s Martial Arts offers lessons in a safe, welcoming environment for people of all athletic abilities. Whether you're big or small, karate is a great, healthy addition to any lifestyle.


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